Ted Poley
Birthdate - Jan 5th
Ted's Favorites:
  • Movie - "Soylent Green", "Willy Wonka"
  • Food - Kobe Beef, Jumbo Shrimp, European Chocolate
  • Book - "The Boys From Brazil"
  • Artist - YES, Def Leppard, TNT, Todd Rundgren
  • Album - It depends on my mood. Too many to mention!
  • Activities - Collecting Antique Toys and Ancient Egyptian and Roman Artifacts, Flying Planes, Shootin' Guns, Makin Music
  • Marital Status - Happily Married
  • E-Mail address - ted@tedpoley.com
Ted's Quote: "Ever seen a cow? ... On Tee Vee!,"
and "No Ted Here!"